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The Hustle, originally Hawta Kamaran, is an all-round entertainer from Harderwijk. He has had several official music tours in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey. From radio shows to TV programs, festivals to clubs etc. Due to the success of his performances, The Hustle has built up a sizeable active fanbase.

His shows are characterized by a combination of exclusive tracks with an Arabic vibe, explosive dance moves and live performances.


Early years

When he was 4 years old he had to flee with his family from a bombing, after which he stayed with his grandmother for 4 years. At the age of 8 he fled with his grandmother from Northern Iraq to the Netherlands, where he was reunited with his mother and sister.

Starting with nothing, he started dancing and writing lyrics. He then successfully completed his dance and acting training. In a short time he became a professional dancer, b-boy, choreographer and singer & songwriter.